Inglés para Profesionales

El Curso de Inglés para Profesionales apunta al mundo empresarial que utiliza el idioma como herramienta de trabajo. Se enseña vocabulario, gramática, y estrategias relevantes en el ámbito laboral.

Se enfatiza la comunicación oral y escrita en situaciones que se enfrentan día a día en su trabajo, como conversaciones telefónicas, negociaciones, reuniones, presentaciones, redacción de informes, e-mails, entre otras.

En el Curso de Inglés para Profesionales cada unidad está conectada con distintos temas que el profesional encuentra durante su trabajo.

Inglés para profesionales


Módulo 1

  1. Connections – Answering and getting through on the phone
  2. The Company – Starting meetings and discussions
  3. Money – Figures and accounts, and the language of graphs
  4. The Market – Negotiating: accepting and refusing
  5. Management – Getting information and interviewing
  6. The Customer – Bargaining and negotiating roles
  7. Production – Linking cause and effect and writing reports
  8. Business and Society – Preparing a presentation and linking phrases
  9. Business and ethics – Using rhetoric and delivery of presentations
  10. The Digital Revolution – e-mails

Módulo 2

  1. The Factory and The Firm – A tour
  2. People and Jobs – Appointments and applications
  3. The Daily Routine – Paperwork and data processing
  4. A Sales Conference – Organising a conference and presenting a product
  5. Exploiting a Market Opportunity – Discovering a new market, researching it and seizing the opportunity
  6. Planning – Bookkeeping and budgeting
  7. An Overseas Contract – Negotiating a deal and buying from overseas suppliers
  8. Money – Setting up a business and investing
  9. Market Forces – Making Boardroom decisions and testing marketing
  10. Assessing Company Performance – Final assessment

Módulo 3

  1. The Magazine
  2. The Training Budget
  3. Changing Names
  4. Polluting the River
  5. Sponsorship
  6. Who Should We Take Over?
  7. Quality and Personnel
  8. The Chocolate Factory
  9. Integration
  10. New Products
  11. Flexible Working Time
  12. The Head Office